Bond – PR to wish for

“My name is Bond, James Bond.”

I believe when you hear this there is no doubt what is it about, as well as when you mention the code “007″.

In one period of my career I had an opportunity to work for a distributor that has been in charge for Sony Pictures, which owns a James Bond franchise.  In that time we needed to prepare local PR campaign for the “Casino Royale” film where Daniel Craig played Bond for the first time. So, the situation is following: we are searching the databases of the films where the Actor was appearing – our audience had not known for him at that time, we are thinking would it be a problem that new Bond has different, lighter hair color than the previous ones, we are all anxious because PR for that movie must be in progress for minimum one year in advance and then, everything starts well.  :)


Because the Bond movies already have strong built reputation.

Why 007 film franchise has PR to wish for?

  • Because it lasts for 50 years and changes in trends and habits are implemented in the movies. In the year 1962 Sean Connery, as the first filmed Bond,   reflected the macho ideal of his time. On the posters from some later period he is even drawn with hairs under his shirt (Why not? it is natural) surrounded by beautiful girls. During the years number of girls decreased, but the macho image stayed. The character is basically the same through the years.
  • YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT – QUALITY that lasts! Yes, it does not have to be an advantage but in this case it is, because the essence is the same. You go out to watch action,  good effects, interesting plot, gorgeous people and you will definitely leave the Cinema with a smile on your face, because the goal is achieved: you are relaxed. These days with the overproduction the trailers are usually the best that one film has to offer and then people get disappointed because they didn’t get from a film what they expected – good time and fun. That scenario cannot happen with Bond.
  • Bond girls–Additional PR always creates the information who will be the new Bond girl and some of them later succeed to have significant career in Hollywood.
  • Music – You must know many great songs from Bond movies (Golden Eye – Tina Turner, You Only Live Twice – Nancy Sinatra, A View To A Kill – Duran Duran, The Living Daylights – A-Ha, The World Is Not Enough – Garbage, You Know My Name – Chris Cornell,…).  Buzz is always created around that who will sing the main theme song in the latest film. I believe that even kids know that this year it is Adele (at the moment “Skyfall” video has over 24 MILLION Views on You Tube).
  • Partners – Oh, yes, there are the sponsors, but always fitted in the best possible way, which is discrete and moderate. There is always  Aston Martin, but also others and new ones. This year my attention attracted  Heineken with their Facebook Game: Crack the Case  and here it is – additional value. Through fun people are getting information about the product.

So let’s summarize, if you have good reputation, excellent and consistent quality, good additional content and adequate partners – you’ll last 50 years minimum. :)

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My name is PR, PRO PR 🙂


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